Legal Services

Law Enforcement

A law enforcement officer is assigned to the Family Justice Center (FJC) Monday thru Friday to serve as a resource for victims of domestic violence. The officer is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for the victims and the staff of the FJC. The officer and their dedicated Family Violence Unit are available to meet with victims to offer information about the restraining order process, complete intake incident reports for new incidents, collect evidence, and take photographs, if necessary. Law enforcement officers will work with the appropriate local police department in filing charges, as appropriate. The officer may also obtain police reports for a victim and safely escort victims to and from court and other locations, as deemed necessary.

Union County Prosecutor’s Office

An Assistant Prosecutor is available to meet with victims at the FJC to discuss their cases in a private and safe location, review charging questions and complaint language, and assist with other legal issues. The Assistant Prosecutor will also work to prepare the victim for court proceedings onsite, as deemed appropriate. The goal is to assure that a victim’s rights are protected and that crimes are properly investigated and prosecuted.

Victim/Witness Advocacy

The Office of Victim/Witness Advocacy provides an advocate from Monday through Friday who is dedicated to the Family Justice Center as an added support to victims of domestic violence. The mission of the Office of Victim/Witness Advocacy is to help make a victim’s participation in the criminal justice system more fluid and less burdensome by providing valuable information, advocacy and community outreach. The goal of a Victim/Witness advocate is to empower survivors of crimes by offering supportive services to ensure that they are treated with dignity, compassion, and respect in the aftermath of a crime. The advocate works cooperatively with the prosecutor’s office, FJC staff, and community partners to assert that a victim’s needs are met.

Court Advocacy 

The YWCA Union County’s Court Advocacy Program assists victims so they understand their legal rights and obtain all the protections available to them, including Temporary and Final Restraining Orders. Court Advocates educate victims on dynamics of abuse, their legal options, provide advocacy, safety planning, resources and referrals to appropriate services. The program also offers court preparation and accompaniment. Services are provided in English and Spanish.

Hope Safety Empowerment